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Interested in joining one of our programmes?

We like to make sure that BOSCO is a great fit for you and your tamariki. We ask that all new families please join us for a one-on-one BOSCO visit prior to enrolling.

Our Enrolment Process


Book your visit

We ask that all new families please join us for a one-on-one BOSCO visit prior to enrolling.


Register & book online

For first-time bookings, including Holiday programmes, please register below via our Parent Portal. Once you have registered, you can go ahead and book in your tamariki. Your booking will show as pending until we have confirmed it.


Complete our induction form

For first-time families, we'll email you an induction form to complete once you have registered and booked with us. This form must be completed before we can accept bookings for your tamariki to join any of our programmes.


Your booking is accepted

Your bookings will show as confirmed on the front page of your parent portal once they've been accepted by us. Please check your parent portal for confirmation.

Need a hand with registration?

Please Note: After your booking has been confirmed, tamariki are subject to a two-week trial period to ensure BOSCO is the right fit. A meeting will be scheduled with the parents/caregivers and the Programme Leader after the two-week trial has ended.