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Complaints Procedure

Definition of a Complaint or Concern – the following constitutes a complaint:  Any verbal or written concern/observation that call into question the actions, behaviour or activities of any person involved with the Organisation, or any aspect of the Organisation’s environment, which impinges on the rights, safety or health of any person at BOSCO Incorporated.

Family/Whānau will be informed on enrolment that there is a complaints procedure.

This will be included in information given to Whānau at enrolment and clearly displayed at the centre.  This information will include the contact details of Child Youth and Family, should Whānau or Staff wish to report a serious concern or not satisfied with how a complaint has been handled.

Complaints about the programme or Staff members:

If any Whānau or Staff has complaints about the programme or Staff Members:

a) A verbal or written complaint or concern should be discussed with the Assistant Supervisor or Programme Leader. If this is inappropriate, the concern/complaint may be made to the Chairperson of the Management Board. If any Staff member or Board member is aware of any complaints, they should discuss this with the Programme Leader or Chairperson immediately.

b) The Chairperson will then take the complaint to the Management Board, in which they will respond to within fourteen (14) days. Where possible, a mutually agreeable outcome will be sought.

c) A record of all complaints and their resolutions will be kept on file, held by the Programme Leader with each party receiving a copy.

d) If a person makes a complaint about BOSCO Incorporated to any outside authority, s/he is required to advise the Programme Leader or Management Board as soon as possible in the interest of the well-being of others at the programme.

e) The Programme Leader/Assistant Supervisor or any staff or board member will keep the Management Board informed of any verbal complaints received.

f) Details of the complaint, including the identity of the complainant, must be kept confidential to those concerned, unless requested otherwise by the complainant.

g) The complainant has the right to have a support person or advocate present when making a complaint.

h) If the complainant feels that their complaint has not been handled correctly or is unsatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, they have the right to take the matter to an external agency, e.g. Privacy Commission, Ministry of Social Development or the Police. 

Reporting a serious concern to Oranga Tamariki - Ministry For Children

Contact Oranga Tamariki –

Phone: 0508 326 459     (0508 FAMILY)


Open Hours: 24/7 (From 5pm – 8 am Monday to Friday, weekends and public holidays, social workers will only assess emergency situations. But we encourage you to call if you're unsure.)