After School Programme: 3pm - 6pm Monday - Friday during Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto School  Terms.

 Routine: (this is a guideline only and subject to change)


3pm ~ Sign in/Free time (Children in years 1 & 2 collected from class by Supervisor)

3.10pm~ Community Time (catch up on daily events/news etc)

3.20pm ~ Afternoon Tea

3.30pm ~ Free time/Dishes

3.50pm ~ Homelearning

4.15pm ~ Group time (Craft/Baking/Activity/Chromebooks/DVD/Sport) 

5pm ~ Pack up time/ Group games/Quite time

6pm ~ Home Time


3pm ~ Sign in/Free time

3.15pm ~ Community time (catch up on daily events/news etc)

3.20pm ~ Afternoon Tea

3.30pm ~ Child orientated Free time/Dishes/Friday fun day activity

5pm ~ Pack up time/ Group games/Quite time

6pm~ Home Time

Each afternoon we provide a healthy snack, that complies with Ministry of Health guidelines.  We provide water, milk or milo for children to drink. A list of this is down below.

Home learning time is supervised with Staff reading with children, helping with maths and spelling and helping where else is needed. We have Chrome books available for our children in years 5-8 that do home learning online.  We also are able to provide anything else that is needed to assist children in completing their home learning each week with us.  Please feel free to discuss with us your children's individual needs or with their group leader.

Monday-Thursday we offer a range of activities to choose from each day and encourage the children to join in the activities available.  Activities may include: sport, gardening, arts & craft, baking, quiet activities, play-station, DVD, play dough, dress ups, board games, chromebooks. 

Fridays we have free time and a staff led activity for children to participate in if they choose to. We have use of Beckenham Park and will quite often play in the playground or feed the ducks. We let the children have free play of  all our quality equipment.

We ask children to wear hats every day during terms 1 & 4.  We have spare hats available which children will be asked to wear if they don't bring one. We provide a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF30 for use by all children. If your child requires a different type, please send them with this.

We have a maximum of 60 children each day.  Enrolment details can be found under enrolment page.

During term time we only take children from Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto School  and children from South Int. who can make their own way to BOSCO. Children from South must have their own cellphones to communicate with Supervisor and strict policies are in place, please speak to Manager for further information. 

We are Ministry of Social Development approved and follow their guidelines (located here) Copy of our approval can be viewed from our noticeboard at school.

The Manager or Supervisor will always be in attendance of all programmes.  Our ratios are 1:10 while on site or 1:8 for excursions (or lower for higher risk activities).

Alba-Rae excited to make rain sticks as a craft.  February 2020.